Two weeks ago I jumped on to order a pair of Chippewa boots. I've been looking to invest in a good pair of logger's for working around our property. I've destroying my hiking boots cutting wood etc. Chippewa loggers are a pricey and also hard to find where we live. Seeing that Zappos has free return shipping and next day delivery I decided to order.  After months of saving up I was pretty excited for then to arrive. 


I got the email with delivery confirmation and the next day the UPS man drove up the driveway. Christmas in March! To my dismay he never delivered anything and just left. What! I waited a couple of hours and called Zappos. Andrew took my call and he was very kind. He asked me about Colorado, the micro beers and Red Rocks. He was great.  He put me on hold for a couple of minutes and called UPS. I explained the situation and he told me they were still on a truck and wasn't sure why another driver came by. He told me if they didn't arrive by the end of the day he would get a new pair sent out for next day delivery on his dime. Satisfied, I thanked him and 3 hours later another UPS drive showed up and the Chippewas were on my feet. They were perfect.

I thought the story was over however not even close. A week later a box arrived on our porch. I asked my wife if she has ordered anything,, nope.. The package was to both of us so we hesitantly opened it. Inside were two gifts from Andrew with a hand written note.  It's a personally engraved platter and a personally engraved growler. Andrew remembered how much I like micro brews and the silver platter obviously double meaning.  I was blown away.  He wanted to thank us for my order with Zappos. 

In a world of corporate giants, online customer service and offshore phone agents the long game still stands. Kindness, availability, company reputation, and outstanding customer service. How may times will I tell this story? Where will I shop for shoes in the future? Will I pay a few bucks more for the service? Will I take Andrew up on his offer to visit Zappos for a game of ping pong on my next visit to Vegas?  Questions that don't need answers. 

Thanks Andrew and Zappos. You left me speechless. T.